Saturday, 10 December 2011

Astonishing Comments...

...over at Inspector Gadget's blog, where the readership are unaccountably rather sympathetic to Jean Francis Say, who killed his children 'to spite his wife', an act most normal people would utterly abhor:
Reacher - "This has to be a wake up call to the ridiculous level of pressures facing retired concierges and part-time football stewards. I would like to say more but can’t."

Gas heater - "...the gutter press have a lot to answer for... peoples personal lives should not be available to be splashed across the front pages for others entertainment."

Spear Dick Macho...Ninja Stealthing the Spam Filter - "This poor guy clearly crossed the Despair Event Horizon."

Bobbins - "Where was the effing duty of care by his employers?"
Oh, wait. I might have got my wires a little crossed there, I think they are actually referring to this case instead.

Clearly, there's a world of difference between the two. Anyone guess what it is?


A salt and battered said...

Whilst crazy Gadget madmen distract themselves with a cannonisation ceremony for St Toby; sneaking stab-proof vests into their domiciles is the least the Police Minister could do.

Anonymous said...

Melvin,we all know the above is you.
Bad taste even by your low standards.

English Viking said...


Stop and search me.

I dare you.

You people really have massive superiority complexes, when in reality you are just a pathetic little nob with a uniform, and some mates with itchy trigger fingers.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,MTG's gang are circling the wagons.It's very brave EV to make threats over the internet that cannot possibly be fulfilled.
"You people"-I love generalisations.So here's one- "you people" that have been in prison were all put there by a policeman who was brave enough to arrest you.

Jiks said...


Jaded seems like a decent chap from his comments here, they are not all knobs IMO.

Back to the matter at hand, how anyone can be so tribal as to defend a man who kills his own children, just because he is one of their gang, well that is beyond me...

English Viking said...


Brave on the 'phone, too, I'll bet.

Brave with your mates.

Brave with women.

Brave with your pepper spray and baton.

Brave in your shitty little uniform. You are not fit to wear one.

The coppers (plural) that arrested me over the incident that led to one of my incarcerations were so brave that they clubbed me senseless in the back of the van. Obviously they handcuffed me first.

They even had the gaul to charge me with assaulting a Police Officer, which was laughed out of Court.

Very brave.

Anonymous said...

The fun with the internet is that someone like you EV can post a story that no-one can verify.
We could pass each other in the street and not know it.You may be able to spot me as I will be wearing a uniform i'm not fit to wear,but I have managed to do so for the last 22 years.How will I spot you?ACAB on your knuckles?Prison pallor?Stripy suit with ball and chain attached?
PS i'm not comfortable with the support on Gadget of that Inspector who killed his family either.I don't always tow the party line!

Anonymous said...

@ Jaded

I regret being unable to visualise you on the beat.
Custodial tea-brewer, slyly blending a selection of his own bodily fluids, will be the climax to your courage.

Anonymous said...

Melvin,I regret being unable to visualise you in the real world.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I am a uniform front-line officer and proud to be so.
Just to put your mind at rest I have never tipped Jody out of his wheel-chair,never shot a Brazilian or pushed a drunk over and killed him.I'm a bit of a pariah really with my team.

Anonymous said...

Melv and English Viking FFS give it a rest .... please?

Not all coppers are useless, corrupt, amoral, violent etc etc etc. The Daily Mail shouldn't be your source of information for all things! Get some perspective.

Yes - The Gadget followers have become breathtakingly extreme in recent months, especially 2 of them who seem to delight in being very confrontational; and are, i'm afraid, undermining the good inspectors efforts and credibility.

Mr Jaded seems to make valid, interesting and, on The News Shopper site - amusing, comments.

There are indeed many concerns with todays police service and Jaded has admitted that he too has concerns - - as do a great many of us serving and former officers - but just because there are some arseholes in the police, as there are in every occupation, it does not mean that ALL are arseholes.

Unfortunately both Melv and the Viking come across as total arseholes with almost every comment these days.

Shame Melv, i thought you were back on the meds and were making some amusing contributions elsewhere.

As for the point being made by JuliaM, it is a good one but I do however believe there is a difference, one being from a cultural/racial perspective - but then again I'm a nasty racist ex-cop.

If the murdering, suicidal ex-police inspector was a travelling black transgendered person with a limp - he would have probably received some helpful 'intervention' from his caring employers with their host of 'Stonewall' awards and diversity commendations - instead ............................

I await your balanced responses - HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dad-oops I mean Ranter.I thought I was all alone on here.
I welcome reasonable debate,I get it all day dealing with all sorts.But I do get grumpy when the public treat us as if we are all the same.Imagine if I did that with a minority?

Anonymous said...

Mr Jaded, You are welcome. I said 'The Job's Fucked - Official' in the parade room at a small sub-divisional nick in SE London in 1994 when I read about a HP chief Insp going on a management swap with a senior manger from Argos in 'THE JOB'. He's now a commander! I'm retired! I also once joked when custody officer - 'We'll be cautioning people for heroin soon'! I

Mick Turatian said...

I blame the full moon for bringing out irrational loons who believe that putting on a police uniform equates to approval of the most moronic opinions of Inspector Gadget's daftest commentors.

Mick Turatian said...

I thought I was all alone on here.

Jaded - you often make that assumption here and you're just as often mistaken.

Mind you, I can see how it might seem that way at times...

A salt and battered said...

Back-up arrived, chaps. This lot could be armed with the 'Oxford' or brought in intellectual mercenaries.

False alarm, it's only Ranter. Yup, screaming crudities through the back bars of the van; he usually tires before reaching Rampton.

Anonymous said...

Ranter-was it MT? If it was then we crossed paths.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Ranter, Jaded, and Mick Turatian. Just one stupid comment from the Furor to form a thicket of idiots, then.

Anonymous said...

See Melv - I knew you'd get the witty ones back.

@ Jaded - it was an 'M' but not 'The Bridge'. That said, there's plenty like me out there ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were sulking Melvin on this blog.As I recall you got grumpy as Julia had the cheek to disagree with you.Typical leftie,the only free speech you believe in is when everyone agrees with you.

English Viking said...


You are correct; I do not know you personally and therefore I do not know whether you are one of the very few good ones.

Sorry for being peronal.

English Viking said...

Personal, obviously.

Anonymous said...

This post got surreal!

Jaded - no - the other side of de Ol' Ken' Road

Anonymous said...

EV,apology accepted.
I like to think I am one of the good ones.
I work hard,I don't go sick very often.
I have never fitted anyone up,it's not worth the risk.
I have never assaulted a prisoner in cold blood-by that I mean hitting someone who has offered no resistance.
I am still out on the street hopefully passing on my experience to much younger PC's.
I have faults-terrible wind,biting sarcasm when provoked,and a hatred of political correctness!

JuliaM said...

"Back to the matter at hand, how anyone can be so tribal as to defend a man who kills his own children, just because he is one of their gang, well that is beyond me..."

Me too, but it's a well-known phenomenon of any close-knit, adversarial-type occupation.

"Not all coppers are useless, corrupt, amoral, violent etc etc etc."

Indeed. It does, however, seem that the ratio is a little skewed...

"...I do however believe there is a difference, one being from a cultural/racial perspective ..."

The black guy just happened to be in the news - there's been plenty of whit, Anglo-Saxon family annihilators in the past...

"I am still out on the street hopefully passing on my experience to much younger PC's."

Glad to hear it, and they'd do well to listen, before the police's reputation sinks any lower. Which, despite Gadget's obvious paranoia, is NOT a tabloid-inflated phenomenon...

A salt and battered said...

News set to break:

That the late Inspector Day's sacking was solely attributable to misuse of the National Computer, was deliberately misleading the public. (No surprise, Sherlock)

What will further damage confidence in police and reinforce their image as liars and propagandists, is forced disclosure.

Anonymous said...

I'm a front-line officer from the same mould as Jaded. The majority of suspects are asked to attend voluntarily at the local police station rather than be locked up for hours miles away. It's common-sense courtesy which does not get a tick in the box or praise from the bosses. There are some colleagues i wont work with because they have appalling inter-personal skills.

A lot of Union people disagree over the actions of their Union leaders and we are just the same. We are a mixed bag.

Just my personal opinion, both examples you give are clearly evil in their outcome. One is done out of pure spite, the other is yet to be established. It is almost impossible to predict these events, but if lessons caan be learned to prevent future tragedies then i am all for it.

I don't know the figures but the massive focus on DV in the last 10 years does not appear to have tremendously reduced tragedies. We are treating every little argtument like it has the potential to turn into murder, but the real instances happen anyway.

How many people who have been sacked end up killing their families? I have dealt more in the last few years with company directors who have ended up being sectioned with breakdowns over the loss of their business and lifestyles. Each one had the potential to cause a tragedy and short of locking everyone up indefinitely, i don't see how it can be stopped. Comulsory counselling may help?

Was the ex police inspector acting out of pure spite against his family like the other case? The outcome is the same and my opinion is that it was an evil act, just like the other case. Whatever the motivations or causes, which appear to be the issue for some.