Friday 9 December 2011

Web Journalism 101...

If you're going to start a story with the words 'This is the man who...':

...then make sure his picture is the one that comes up first in the series, and not fourth:

Joseph Bowers' unleashed dog Bruno savagely attacked 62 year-old John Grainger – ripping a chunk out of his face and bottom lip – as he stooped to unlock his bike in Chelmsford town centre on August 11.

The owner, a 49 year-old from Chelmsford, then casually walked away from the scene without stopping to check on the heavily bleeding victim.
Bowers pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday to being the owner of an out-of-control dog in a public place, after the judge told him he would escape jail if he did so. He will be sentenced in December.
Because that's how the justice system 'works', these days...
The judge said he was a "dog lover" but would not hesitate to destroy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bruno, if it was proved that he had a further violent history.
What, this incident isn't enough? I thought we'd progressed beyond the idea that a dog was allowed 'one bite'?

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