Thursday 15 December 2011

And, In Many Ways, A Violent Thug…

…that she’s a lying bitch in no way excuses his actions:
A teenage girl whose false rape allegation led to an innocent man being beaten up and another man sent to jail was let off by police with just an £80 fixed penalty notice.
Yesterday a judge who jailed Cooper’s boyfriend over the attack said the police’s decision not to prosecute her ‘beggared belief’.
Maybe they’d just had enough of seeing these women let off with light sentences by your colleagues?

Or maybe, given it’s West Midlands Police again, they’re just incompetent?
The judge said he was able to reduce Hollyman’s sentence because the ‘provocation is very significant’. He added that Hollyman, from Walsall, was ‘in many ways’ a victim.
Yes. More of his own inability to control his temper than his lying slut of a girlfriend, though…


Anonymous said...

Defies reason unless Daddy is a FreeMason in a police lodge.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous post....yeah, your speaking from researched knowledge and experience aren't you? Pathetic statement to make. Why not say, oh it's because she is a muslim or any other group you want to slur?

It is pretty well-known that it is rare for women to be held accountable for crying rape. That is just the way it is and naff all to do with freemasons. Women have powerful advocacy through groups of activists and spread by universities of marxism, not freemasons.

She may well have lied to people about it, but did she request that this assault take place? She did what some(many?) women have done before....cried rape to escape their own actions.

If real rape victims want to know why some people are skeptical, point them in this womans direction. This woman has suffered....because her word is now worthless.

Anonymous said...

A police FreeMason was cleaning out his attic to discover a lamp with a genie inside. The genie would never fail to appear after a couple of rubs.

"Genie" said Bro Bettison "I′ve always wanted to drive to the Continent as I dread flying. I want you to construct a channel bridge to Calais."
"Impossible" replied the genie. "The seabed is too deep and the currents are so strong that this feat is beyond my power. Please make another wish."
"Well I wish that all police brethren would be honest and hard working and would spurn all corruption and grafts. That they cease to seek instruments of torture and death and always tell the truth in Court."

"Crikey" said the genie. "Did you want a Channel bridge with 2 or 3 lanes?"

Anonymous said...

I think to tar the whole of the West Midlands police with same brush is just lazy.Who do you think makes charging decisions for the police now?Yes it's everyone's friend the CPS.I can't wipe my arse without their permission.
So to summarise;First person at fault-lying girl.Second person at fault-CPS lawyer.
PS I am not a PC in West Midlands and I don't know a single person who works for them.

Anonymous said...

Very funny joke.....police come from the public, guess your saying that the British public are all the same. Perhaps if the Freemasons in the Police were replaced with Saudis there would never be any corruption?

Don't suppose anything untoward ever happens in a mosque, in the Vatican? Never let the truth get in the way of blind prejudice eh.

A survey a few years ago revealed over 50% of female students in the survey thought it ok to hit their boyfriends. Not much of a leap to make a false allegation. A woman murders her partner a few years ago and the feminists give her an award.

Given the disparity and preferential treatment for women, i would rather have the feminists on my side than the freemasons.

JuliaM said...

"It is pretty well-known that it is rare for women to be held accountable for crying rape. "

This blog is doing its humble best...

"I think to tar the whole of the West Midlands police with same brush is just lazy."

There's a reason they have their own tag here, Jaded. They seem to be outstanding amongst forces.