Friday 9 December 2011

What Took You So Long..?

This is the moment when a mystery thief snatched the wallet of a serving Tamworth soldier – on the day he arrived home from Afghanistan.
Hopefully, since this was supermarket CCTV and not the blurred, unrecognisable stuff usually available from the high street cameras, someone’ll recognise this utter waste of oxygen…
This week, just days after Remembrance Day, police released a sequence of CCTV pictures in a bid to identify the thief.

The pictures clearly show the woman behind him in the queue spot the wallet, look around to check no-one was watching, and then steal it.

The incident happened at around 6pm on July 29, but the images have only just been released.

Four months to release this? Why?


A salt and battered said...

"Four months to release this? Why?"

It was the colder weather spells....then the canteen queues, blog delays; writing up all those specifications for lunch boxes and then there was that cow for target, to shoot, Sgt.

JuliaM said...


King Athelstan said...

Gon't be too harsh, they were probably stuck in the horrendous traffic around there.

King Athelstan said...