Friday 29 November 2013

A Tale Of Three Crimes…

Immediate arrest:
A man has been arrested in connection with a spate of racist graffiti that tarnished vehicles, homes and businesses at the weekend.
The 24-year-old was taken from his home at 5.20am this morning from an address in Blackburn.
Insp Ilyas Mohmed, of Blackburn police, said the man was helping police with their inquiries in relation to the incident which occured between midnight on Friday and 4.30am on Saturday.
Assurance of a higher priority:
A student who attended a Sophie Lancaster Foundation benefit gig found himself subject to a hate crime only a day later.
Darius reported the incident, which happened around 7pm, to police who told him they would treat the assault as a hate crime.
“It’s sad that people who belong to a subculture feel they can’t walk the streets of their own town without being called names or being at risk.”
A mother who was racially abused when she tried to protect her daughter from a gang of girls has called on authorities to do more to stop similar attacks on other children.
As Ms Fenton was speaking to a park attendant, one of the girls assaulted her daughter for a second time. The gang then shouted abuse as they followed the mother and daughter from the park.
Ms Fenton, of Woodford, has since complained to both Haringey Police and the council and asked them to take action.
She said: “I grew up in Tottenham and I’m ashamed of the place after this.
“There are gangs of children running around terrorising and threatening to stab people and nobody seems to be doing anything.
“This isn’t just about the crime against me and my daughter, it’s about stopping it happening to other children who live in the area.”
A council spokesman said: “We are aware of Ms Fenton’s complaint and we will be contacting her directly to get more information about this incident.”
Officers are appealing for information. Anyone who witnessed this incident or has information concerning the identity of the girls should contact Detective Constable Gemma Goldsbro of Haringey Community Safety Unit on 020 3276 3170.
Why the seemingly lackadaisical response to this report, and the overkill on the others?

Well, if you've read the stories, I think you'll have reached your own conclusion, won't you?


Anonymous said...

Ah !

The Blocked Dwarf said... can't see your point..

but I have jpegs turned off in my browser.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Re "Crickets".

Unusually, the article does actualy MENTION that they were Kanake.

(Coons, Wops, Gypoes... a good German word to cover them all.)

But WHAT have the fucking COUNCIL got to do with it?

It is a police matter, not some gang of pig ignorant drunken slobs hanging around the town hall bar.

Ian Hills said...

When the civil war breaks out, I shall be aiming at those who started it.

Diesel said...

Ian, I don't think you'll need to put much effort into your aim, it'll be a target rich environment.

JuliaM said...

" can't see your point..

but I have jpegs turned off in my browser."

No need for a picture, it's there in black & white... ;)

"Unusually, the article does actualy MENTION that they were Kanake."

No doubt someone's having a word with the author as I type..

"Ian, I don't think you'll need to put much effort into your aim, it'll be a target rich environment."