Saturday 16 November 2013

So What’s The Use Of This New Rating, Then?

Will it make the movies more popular? No:
"The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, all Star Wars movies, The Social Network, Pulp Fiction and all but one of the Harry Potter movies fail this test," said Ellen Tejle, the director of Bio Rio, an art-house cinema in Stockholm's trendy Södermalm district.
Will it make filmgoers want to see unpopular films that have the rating? No:
In Bio Rio's wood-panelled lobby, students Nikolaj Gula and Vincent Fremont acknowledged that most of their favourite films probably would not get an A rating.
"I guess it does make sense, but to me it would not influence the way I watch films because I'm not so aware about these questions," said Fremont, 29.
Will it mean these films with the rating are more worthy than those without? No:
"There are far too many films that pass the Bechdel test that don't help at all in making society more equal or better, and lots of films that don't pass the test but are fantastic at those things," said Swedish film critic Hynek Pallas.
So, with all that in mind, just what’s the point..?
Pallas also criticised the state-funded Swedish Film Institute – the biggest financier of Swedish film – for vocally supporting the project, saying a state institution should not "send out signals about what one should or shouldn't include in a movie".
Oh, you’ve lost that argument already. You allow them to run a rating system for everything else, you’ve opened the door, haven’t you?


Joe Public said...

At least Deep Throat passes the test!

"A sexually frustrated woman (Linda Lovelace, credited as playing herself) asks her friend Helen (Dolly Sharp) for advice on how to achieve an orgasm."

JuliaM said...