Tuesday 26 November 2013

Not Really What I Thought ‘Bohemian’ Meant

Passer-by Nigel Gillespie said: “I saw about ten officers gathered around the shop. It used to be called CIC, but now I think they print T-shirts.
“They went inside and pulled out a man with dreadlocks, who seemed to be struggling with them.
“Then they put him in a van and drove off.
“I have no idea what was going on, it seemed really strange. There were a lot of people gathered round watching.
This whole part of the town is a mess, I’m sick of it.”
Boscombe, of all places? Sleepy little Boscombe?
The owner of the business declined to comment on the incident, but Raye Collinson, owner of the tattoo parlour next door, said he had heard loud crashing noises.
“I’ve been here for 35 years now so I’ve seen it all before.
“It is a very bohemian area. It’s best to keep your nose clean and keep out of trouble. You can tell when they come in the shop if they are going to be a problem.
“I tell them to clear off.”
I wonder who ‘they’ are..?

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Anonymous said...

There is now a Boscombe RPG you can get for your phone...you play a Stoner trying to score his next fix whilst navigating his way through the 'freaks, faggots, drunks and junkies' that inhabit that neck of the woods. Went down there a couple of weeks ago, first thing we were greeted with as we left the car was two guys squaring off against each other in Polish or something similar. One had an obviously broken nose and blood all down his face, another guy was kind of half-heartedly trying to keep them apart while another one filmed the whole thing on his mobile. Beer cans on the floor etc...and this is 9.30 on a Saturday morning.

Boscombe is a place that just keeps on giving...