Thursday 21 November 2013

Immovable Object Meets Irresistible Force

A wheelchair-bound woman said she was “disgusted” by the way disabled people were treated during the Alexandra Palace fireworks display.
When she reads this, she’ll probably be equally ‘disgusted’ by the use of non-PC language such as ‘wheelchair-bound’ (rather than the preferred ‘wheelchair user’) in the newspaper…
Ayla Halil, of Enfield, accused organisers of not taking the needs of people with disabilities into account when they planned Saturday's event. She claims she was forced to watch the event from the sidelines because she couldn't get to the top of the Ally Pally hill in her wheelchair and was not allowed to drive there.
And this is an outrage, an OUTRAGE, I tell you!
“I paid for a ticket and have the right to have just as good a time as an able-bodied person.
“It made me feel worse about my situation and when I came home I was just sad and depressed about the whole thing.”
"I don't think the organisers were very considerate to people in my position and it just made me feel sick."
However, the organisers clearly have two masters to serve – the disability lobby, and the ‘elf ‘n safety lobby. And it seems, reading between the lines, they’ve chosen to serve the latter.
Duncan Wilson, the chief executive of Alexandra Palace, said this case would be investigated. She said: “It would not have been safe to have allowed vehicles close enough to the Palace to park near the Terrace. “
So there!
“We therefore provided priority parking for those with mobility issues and a special viewing area at the bottom of the hill.
“We are not sure of the circumstances surrounding this case and we encourage this person to contact us directly so that we can investigate this matter further.”
You mean….rather than complain to the venue through the correct process for such complaints, Ms Halil has gone straight to the local press?

Well, I never…


Anonymous said...

I always thought firework displays meant that display was in the sky and not on the ground. If the wheelchair using lady was already looking up the hill, she would probably have had a better view of the display that those on the hill who would have had to crick their necks back at an alarming angle. I may be wrong, but her name suggests that her religion may be that one which never seems to congratulate or praise anyone but instead just whinges and complains.

JuliaM said...

Perhaps H&S now dictates that fireworks be confined in height so as not to affect low-flying aircraft?