Saturday 2 November 2013

Is Failing ObamaCare Really Just ‘Working As Intended’..?

Marc Rubin certainly seems to be hinting at that:
The glitches and problems with the website are actually, for the moment a blessing for Democrats and Obama himself. They serve as a temporary smoke screen to the real problems which will soon become evident and which were inherent in the law itself, a law for those not aware, that was primarily written by the insurance industry (see the PBS documentary on Frontline) after Obama gave in to their demands and dropped the public option. Obamacare won't be the signature accomplishment of his presidency as his supporters like to trumpet, but his signature failure.
Yup, they wanted single payer, but they settled for ObamaCare. Now the impending failure of the program gives them the impetus they need to push for an abomination like the NHS.
What will soon be apparent once the glitches with the web sites are fixed is that Obamacare will not get remotely close to the 32 million needed to make the program work (or even the 7 million the government predicts will sign up by March 2014). And that will have nothing to do with the website, but what people see on the site once they get there.
Yes, indeed!

As noted at Patterico and Protein Wisdom, once the LIVs that Obama has bamboozled see just what it is they are going to have to pay for – yes, them, not ‘the rich’! – they suddenly realise they’ve been had.
As Robert Frank pointed out in the business section of the New York Times, for Obamacare to succeed, millions of young, healthy uninsured people need to buy into the program and purchase insurance. All of them. One look at the proposed premiums for the bottom tier plans designed to attract those millions and anyone not blinded by wishful thinking could have seen that Obamacare was going to fail.
The assumption is either that Obama and his acolytes are truly blind, or that they had an ulterior motive all along...
The cost alone of these "low end" policies are producing sticker shock when people see them. It gets worse when people see what the insurance companies are actually offering for these premiums. That's when they get the second shock.
Well, indeed! And why wouldn't they?
Congressional Democrats should start getting out in front of what is going to be a mammoth failure, and start running on the idea of having supported a public option in the first place over Obamacare. They should promote the idea of a Democratic Congress in 2014 passing a public option to make this work.
So, was thre (planned) disaster of ObamaCare just a way of softening the American public up for what they wanted all along?


Budvar said...

Obamacare is not now, ever was, or ever will be designed or proposed to be their version of the NHS.

It's a revenue generating exercise and control mechanism. End of.

JuliaM said...

So...just like the NHS, then?