Thursday 21 November 2013

Road Closures Are For Other People…

Members of the congregation at the Colne cenotaph service reported that the X43 Witch Way service forced its way past the closure in Albert Road at 10.50am, while the service was ongoing.
Eye-witness Patricia May said: “It was a double decker and it was within six or seven feet of the end of the congregation stood in the road. The driver then beeped the horn at people while the service was going on. We were all flabbergasted. The bus then went to the side to get past us and carried on with its journey. It was ridiculous.”
But also fairly typical of the modern bus driver, I fear…
Transdev yesterday confirmed that they had received a complaint and launched an investigation. Nigel Eggleton, Transdev’s director of sales and marketing, said: “We have had a complaint to our Burnley team who have started their investigation, including downloading the CCTV footage from the vehicle to see what happened. If we find that we are at fault then we will take appropriate action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”
‘If’..? Well, who else could be at fault?


Anonymous said...


Bus driver of no appearance?

blueknight said...

Bus driver of no appearance?
Burnley so highly likely.

JuliaM said...

"Burnley so highly likely."

Interestingly, a later comment on that article blames the police. For letting him through!