Friday 22 November 2013

I Guess It’s Not ‘Morally Wrong And Distressing’ To Cause An Accident, Though?

Pauline Squire said it was “morally wrong and distressing” for Robert Beagle to put images and video online following a collision on the B6279 crossroads at Kinninvie, near Barnard Castle, County Durham, on Thursday, October 31.
However, Mr Beagle said he was simply trying to highlight safety issues at the junction, which, he added, had been the scene of several accidents and near misses in recent years.
But that can’t be Ms Squires fault, oh, dear me, no…
“I had dropped my daughter off at a Halloween event,” said Ms Squire.
“We were coming from Barnard Castle heading to Wheatley Hill and it was a road I had never been on before. I did not realise the junction was there.“
You know what I do when I’m on an unfamiliar road, love? I drive carefully and read the road signs!

Which, the 'Northern Echo' not being concerned to spare Ms Squire's blushes, they've helpfully reproduced in the article:

“None of my family have been able to get up, but they have seen the video and it is distressing.”
Yes, I’d be distressed too, if people thought I was related to such an idiot...
Mr Beagle has removed some footage from You Tube, but a 13-second CCTV clip of the accident remains online.
He said: “I am trying to raise awareness. There should not be a problem at the junction – there are five signs before you get to it, but every week someone crosses that road without stopping.
“We do not want to go out there to find dead bodies in the road.
“There must have been at least 10 accidents in the years we have been here.”
So there's nine other people who can't read the road signs and think it's everyone else's fault when they come to grief...


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Spatial awareness and the ability to judge speed and distance obviously not a pre-requisite for a swimming teacher then? Who knew!

And just when you've convinced plod and all your facebook friends that there was absolutely nothing you could have done to avoid the collision, some bastard goes and produces evidence to the contrary - Oh woe is Ms Squires

Anonymous said...

The good Lord must love idiots because He made so many of them. If you cannot understand the big words, the helpful chaps at the council even draw pictures to show you. How difficult can it be? "Charles Darwin, please call your service..."

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Where I lived until recently (if one can use the word 'live' when talking about Norfolk?) the council , in their ineffable wisdom, decided to close one of the roads into town. When I say 'closed' I mean turn it into a Bus/taxi/Cyclist lane.

They put up 4 large signs along the approach and PAINTED THE FUCKING ROAD RED and yet....yep you've guessed it...everyday people drive blithely(or blindly?) onto it.

The first summer after it had been closed I happened to walk along it one day and there were TWO Policemen standing at the 'entrance' to the closed lane, in HI VIS and with notebooks open....and you can guess the result; YEP people STILL tried to drive down it, past 4 road signs-large road signs-, a red painted road and past two coppers on display.

James Higham said...

Just staring at the screen and blinking - can do no more.

Ian Hills said...

Classic - have cross-posted with a link.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Probably to busy answering her SMS' to read ROAD signs.

JuliaM said...

"...obviously not a pre-requisite for a swimming teacher then? "


"The good Lord must love idiots because He made so many of them."

And our modern, risk-averse, no personal responsibility whatsoever society is making yet more...

"...and yet....yep you've guessed it...everyday people drive blithely(or blindly?) onto it. "

Those webbed fingers must make it hard to turn the wheel... ;)