Wednesday 27 November 2013

I Wouldn’t Be So Quick To Assign Blame There…

Joann White, 40, suffered severe whiplash after the crash last Tuesday, which saw her car written off.
She told the Comet: “I had picked a friend up and we were just going out for a while. We were going to have coffee.
Two girls just walked straight out from behind the van. They’re really lucky.
“They walked out, I braked, and the person behind me hit me.”
Did they have their iPods on? Were they too busy gossiping? Or more likely, had their heads buried in Smartphones, together but apart..
Mrs White, who lives in Banstead and uses the Broadway regularly, criticised the Greenway revamp, saying the changes have made the road dangerous.
She said: “Everyone just walks out in front of you down there now. No one knows where to cross the road. “
Well, I wouldn't be so quick to blame road changes - they do that everywhere now! And, it seems, have done since time immemorial.

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