Sunday 24 November 2013

And Is There Honey Still For Tea?

Well, no. How about …teacake and scallops instead?
Fish fryer Paulos Iasonides, who runs Reedley Chippy, claims Hayley Marie Jones launched the attack after demanding her money back over a teacake and scallops dinner.
If that seems an unlikely combination, it seems they are really scalloped potatoes, which…. no, that’s even unlikelier, isn't it?

Unless ‘teacake’ really means a fishcake oop narth..?

Oh, it’s all so confusing!


The Blocked Dwarf said...

"y she bought a teacake and two potato scallops, before going outside. "

Drunk and/or pregnant...although looking at the photo the former seems the more likely. Hell, let us hope it was the former...the thought of her breeding...

Tatty said...

Fook knows wot the teacake thing is all about. Who'd want anything sweet and bread-like that's been steeped in chip fat fumes and no-frills marge. Ewwww.

Mmmmm scallops. Deep fried thick and huge potato slices. 5 for a quid in our chippy.

During my poverty-stricken childhood I was regularly fed them served with thick slices of real ham from the butchers next door. Or luncheon meat that you wrapped round them which then heated up and went mushy. Oh my, I'm drooling.

I do still like 'em occasionally now. Best served piping hot and lashed with crunchy sea-salt and vinegar.

You farkin' savveners don't know wot yer missin' :)

Edwin Greenwood said...

A teacake in East Lancs does not necessarily contain fruit. It's typically a smallish thin bap of denser bread and without a dusting of flour. A thick light dusted Southern-stylee bap would like as not be called a muffin.

Teacake and scallops would be a sort of poor man's chip butty. Oop North is a foreign country.

Budvar said...

Quite, a teacake is a soft bread roll (similar to a burgar bun) and scollops are a slice of potato fried in batter.

Also a fishcake to me is 2 slices of potato sandwiched between mashed up fish and also fried in batter.

Hope that clears that up..