Saturday 30 November 2013

Two-Wheeled Cargo Cult...

...emphasis very much on the 'cult' aspect:
Hundreds of police officers were deployed across London today in a road safety blitz after the death of six cyclists in a fortnight.
The officers were stationed at the capital’s most dangerous junctions and handed out fixed penalty notices to those breaking the law.
We aren’t told to whom, or how many, or any other details. But we are treated to the sight of one of the Two-Wheeled Righteous in high dudgeon.
Ben Watson, who was taking his two children to school in a “cargo bike” this morning, was stopped near Euston Station before being released after it was decided he had done nothing illegal.
The 57-year-old, who criticised the officer for not knowing the law, said: “This policeman called me over and said ‘is that bike legal?’
I thought ‘well you’re the policeman surely you should be telling me whether its legal or not’”.
Mr Watson has clearly never heard of a rhetorical question…
The house husband from Somers Town added: “I think it seems a bit unfair as this operation is making out cyclists are the problem when it is actually cars that are the problem.
“I know my lights, I know where I’m going. I’ve been taking the kids to school on this route for four years, I know what I’m doing.”
Well, here’s the chappie himself. You decide:

It's a wonder he managed to reproduce, being this stupid...

Naturally, the ‘How very DARE you!’ contingent is in full flow:
Matthew Gidley, 42, who works in marketing and commutes by train from Birmingham before getting on his bike, said: “I’ve always felt safe cycling in London, but what the Mayor said about cyclists needing to be more aware sends a coded message to drivers that cyclists are in the wrong.
“There’s the feeling that the ‘swarms of cyclists’ have somehow got out of control and now they deserve this or something. That needs to be reigned in a bit.”
But lorry driver, Ian Arnold, 58, from Essex, disagreed. He said: “Cyclists take liberties, they drive all over the place and come up down the side of the road, they go through red lights, everything. When the police are here they behave but usually they’re all over the place. I drive in central London so I see it all the time.”
And, though stats aren’t given for this exercise at the time of writing, a previous one yielded interesting results:
Last Monday, the Met carried out spot-checks on cyclists and HGVs in Vauxhall. In four hours, the officers stopped 70 lorries and issued 15 fixed penalty notices for offences such as the vehicles not being fit for the road.
They also stopped 100 cyclists, who were given safety advice.
Which would suggest it’s NOT the motorists that are the issue…


Tatty said...

Wait, what ? If a vehicle is "not fit for the road" then why is it not taken off the road immediately ?

What IS this "penalty notice" malarkey ? A cash cow ?


Demetrius said...

We go up to London now and again. It is common to see cyclists with hoods and/or goggles with their ears wired up as well. At pedestrian crossings it is usual for cyclists to ignore the red signal and take their chance on those crossing being quick enough to jump. That is those in the road, those riding on crowded pavements show even less thought.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"He had done nothing illegal"

Christ on a bike (for once the epithet is appropriate).

But if you carry a child under ten in the back seat of your car either without a so-called child safety seat, or even with one that doesn't meet some obscure and pointless regulations dreamed up by pen-pushing nannying prodnoses, then you HAVE done something illegal.

Beyond satire.

drsolly said...

I don't see how giving 100 cyclists safety advice means that the cyclists are the problem. "Giving safety advice" might mean "A helmet would be a good idea". But cycling helmets aren't compulsory, and failure to wear one doesn't *cause* accidents. I'd also advise cyclists to wear gloves.

Ed P said...

Orwell would be proud of Plod, now it's, "Two wheels good, four wheels bad".

Anonymous said...

This is called operation Safeway and every day this week I have been posted doing this either 7am to 10am or 4pm to 7pm.My leafy outer borough is involved even though there really isn't a problem here.
On parade we were told to get a minimum of TEN fixed penalty notices each shift! My team had a little conflab and decided to ignore this and just give out words of advice to the nice motorists and cyclists who are the majority where I work.In the end I think I gave out an average of two per shift.
The 100 cyclists have been stopped to be given safety advice in the main as drsolly correctly guessed,not because they have committed an offence.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but some people really shouldn't have children.

I am a cyclist, and a rare one at that. I stop at lights, wear high-viz and have front and rear lights. I come across idiots like this all the time. They may be careful with their precious 'cargo' but some people are less so.

I would never risk someone else's life in such a way.

Sgt McWunpig said...

Our resources are already stretched with Operation Skyfall. But we may be dropping into a pub near you.

Ian Hills said...

I seem to recall that James Bond was able to change his Aston Martin's plates merely by flicking a switch. Very useful when a cyclist strays outside the Highway Code and the car driver is in a bit of a hurry.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I think you may have misspelled the post title ; 0)

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful sick post that should be removed Julia,how on earth did you let that one through? (at 17.48)
Scum with no respect.

Ian Hills said...


I strongly refute your allegation that Julia is "scum with no respect". She has managed to refrain from using unladylike language since November 19, when she used the abbreviation "FFS" in her post "It'll do you good, love".

James Higham said...

Post going up on this.

JuliaM said...

"If a vehicle is "not fit for the road" then why is it not taken off the road immediately ?"

A rhetorical question? ;)

"...those riding on crowded pavements show even less thought."

Agreed :/

"Christ on a bike (for once the epithet is appropriate)."


JuliaM said...

"But cycling helmets aren't compulsory, and failure to wear one doesn't *cause* accidents."

Ditto for motorcycle helmets, and car seat belts. Why is the sauce not good for this two wheeled goose?

"I am sorry, but some people really shouldn't have children."

And yet, these days, more and more of that sort are breeding. Darwin's in reverse!

"I think you may have misspelled the post title ; 0)"


JuliaM said...

"Disgraceful sick post that should be removed Julia.."

The comment, you mean?

Well, first, I don't censor anyone on this blog unless I consider their language too foul or their content libellous or otherwise illegal.

Tasteless jokes don't breach that threshold.

I can remember tasteless jokes about every tragedy - the Shuttle Disaster, Piper Alpha, etc. The only difference now is the speed at which they spread.

Humanity didn't come to an end. We didn't demand the silencing of those we found 'inappropriate'. We shrugged them off and got on with the job.

I'd like to see those times back.

Anonymous said... is only Melvin...sad little tosser that he is.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean Julia was scum with no respect,I meant the contributor.Sorry if you misunderstood.
I did think it was Melvin but he often doesn't have the courage to put his name on the post so couldn't be sure.As for "humour",nothing he has ever put is funny. Patronising,sneering,superior, repetitive yes but funny-never.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Personally (re 'Skyfall') I'm waiting for ASH to proclaim this as incontestable proof that the SMOKING BAN SAVES LIVES!

..and no, Jaded, I'm not making a sick joke at the victims expense.

MTG said...

@ WC Jaded
I do hope your pledged lightening comments will clean my gear after a mountain biking weekend.

Anonymous said...

I refer to my earlier comment and give myself a mental high-five.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX The house husband XX

Fucking useless unemployed git living on the earnings of a high class lady (maybe) they mean

Hose husband! Fucking wankers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't think that the penalty notice point that is made at the end of the article is relevant.
I commute to Brixton on my scooter and the police have been out in force on the major junctions. And surprise surprise, no cyclists are jumping red lights when normally they see them as optional in many areas.