Friday 29 November 2013

Post Title Of The Month

Leg-Iron took an early lead, courtesy of a shopping trip to Lidl for exotic meat:

And then Pavlov's Cat came up on the inside, with the help of the 'Daily Mail' Facepalm Team, to make it a photo finish:


Mark I M said...

For me, Underdog takes it by a whisker.

James Higham said...

Both worthy gents.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Always a great urn of phrase by Leggy ,
thanks for adding me in :)

Ian B said...

I hate to be picky here, but "abysmal" is correct. When we use it to mean terrible, it's actually a metaphorical reference to as low as you can go, in an abyss. May not be used much these days for its real meaning, but it does still mean a reference to an abyss.