Saturday 23 November 2013

Because Some People Are Never Satisfied…

Here, at last, is a brilliant role-model for tweenage girls: one who wouldn't be seen dead in a princess outfit in case it hindered her ability to run for her life, nor the sort of "and then my clothes fell off" fashion of so many computer-generated heroines (RIP Lara Croft).
Well, opinions are divided on that, frankly…But, hey, if it suits the feminists to claim her, go right ahead. What’s the harm?
So imagine the scene as a group of toy manufacturers meet to discuss how best to capitalise on the latest movie in the franchise – Catching Fire, out 21 November, just in time for the Christmas gift guides. There are official badges and games and figures, of course, but what about the girls who really want to ape Katniss and wield a bow and arrow? And how about the parents who would love to buy toys that encourage outdoor play, rather than the makeup ranges and handbags that seem to start screaming at our daughters earlier and earlier?
Luckily, a low-cost solution is found!
Eureka, said the brains at Hasbro: let's produce the Nerf Rebelle range of toy weaponry for the "ultimate in girl-power outdoor play". The items – called the Pink Crush Blaster, the Guardian Crossbow and, yes, the Heartbreaker Bow – all come in pink, with prettily patterned soft darts.
Who could possibly obje…

Oh. Of course.
Abi Moore … is also disappointed. "We are desperate for decent female characters in film. Then one comes along and you get this. What's so disappointing is that it has to be done in a pinkified, prettified way. It's overly feminised. Not that there's anything wrong with being feminine, but there's more than one way to be a girl. It isn't all about being pink and pretty."
Sadly, no-one told the little girls that it isn't...
Both of my daughters want the "pink bow and arrow for girls" for Christmas – even the six-year-old, who isn't allowed to watch the films.


Diesel said...

What an excellent idea. I would like to thank the Guardian writer who suggested this toy - I off into town to buy a pink bow and arrow for my six year old right now.

Tim Almond said...

We don't know if she wouldn't be seen "dead in a princess outfit". Katniss Everdene is living in a very poor area, with little in the way of food and is doing what she can to survive.

I re-watched Miss Congeniality last night, as part of a Sandra Bullock weekend and I've always liked that film because it's about someone accepting that you can be feminine without losing your integrity. At no point does her character stop being a kick-ass FBI agent.

And people write a lot of stuff about princesses, often, I suspect, people who've never seen the "Princess" movies.

Let's go backwards...

There's Merida from the rather good Brave, who is a rebellious girl who can outshoot everyone and refuses to be a princess.
Then Rapunzel from Tangled who saves the day more than the fella.
There's Tiana from the marvellous Princess and the Frog who isn't actually a princess, but instead wants to create a restaurant, and gets thrown together with an unsuitable man.
Oh, Mulan of course, who is a warrior.

You've got to go back to The Little Mermaid to find someone who is basically looking for a man.

Ian Hills said...

What a lovely example of silly bitchery. I note from one of the links that Abi Moore's little boy chose the black "boy's" version of the crossbow because, he said, it's "better". She'll make no poof, er new man, out of him!

JuliaM said...

" into town to buy a pink bow and arrow for my six year old right now."


"Katniss Everdene is living in a very poor area, with little in the way of food and is doing what she can to survive."

I very much doubt anyone writing these columns bothers to read the book. Or think very much about the film, should they even watch it!

"She'll make no poof, er new man, out of him!"


staybryte said...

How dare Abi's daughters let her down like this! Liberals, at war with biology since forever.......