Wednesday 21 May 2008

Are We Living In 2008? I Just Feel A Need To Check...

This beggars belief:
A seven-year-old girl has died of starvation after police found her and five other children in an emaciated state and living in squalor.
But it's not the child neglect, nor even the mother's 'converted to Islam' quirk of this case that is so infuriating. It's this:
Other neighbours told ITV that three of the children were seen in recent months looking "extremely thin".

Mohammed Khalil, who lived nearby, said he used to see some of the children in their uniforms on their way to the nearby Grove School but that he had not seen them for months.
So, obviously, the school were alerted by this non-appearance and social services (hah!) swung into action? It seems not:
Parents collecting children from the primary school tonight were handed a letter informing them of Khyra's death.

Signed by the school's headteacher, Pamela Matty, it read: "Dear Parents, We have been informed by the police that a child in Handsworth has died.

"As a mark of respect for the family and the community, we are postponing tonight's music concert to a future date."
Well, I suppose that's something....

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