Friday 2 May 2008

'Have Your Say'...

....and look a total idiot!

Over on the BBC 'Have Your Say' site, they are collecting reader comments on the election results . Some real brain surgeons are out today:

Niamh from Norwich: "David Cameron pretends to be of the people, but to me represents the worst inequities in our society - the class system is alive and well. If he becomes prime minister along with his dubious economic policies we are all in for a very, very hard time. At least Gordon Brown is intelligent, & understands economics."

Do you think she realises it isn't a general election..?

David Hodge, somewhere in the UK: "As for Labour losing so much, I don't believe its their economic policies. It's the fact they lied to us. Remember WMDs?"

Frankly, no. You think anybody cares by now...?

Krish (undeclared): "It’s a loss for Labour? People have forgotten what was provided by this government and just fallen into the media’s negative campaign against Labour..."

Not a 'Guardian' or 'Independant' reader then, Krish...?

Paul from Hereford: "Sorry Labour, there is now only one thing you can do to get the voters back - ditch Brown. He was the best chancellor in recent history..."

Oh, stop! My sides.....

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