Sunday 4 May 2008

No SexAwkward Questions Please, We're British...

Probably the only Government edict hospitals aren't slavishly following to the letter:
About a third of hospitals in England and Wales are ignoring government advice to charge foreign visitors for NHS treatment.
But don't blame the hospital staff, apparently checking into the status of possible overseas visitors makes them 'uncomfortable':
Some overseas visitor managers in hospitals told the BBC that they found the guidelines confusing and described how some staff are uncomfortable checking patients' immigration status.
Funny, they don't seem at all 'uncomfortable' when checking if we are all smoking/drinking/eating too much...

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Anonymous said...

At my GP's the other day, I watches as an "immigrant" couple handed over a wodge of notes in payment for treatment. They were Americans, of whom I suppose we expect high standards. Unless some other explanation should come to mind.