Wednesday 7 May 2008

Maybe The Education System Does Work After All....

Well, it certainly has resulted in some very shrewd kids in Barking Abbey Upper School, according to the print edition of the 'Barking and Dagenham Post'.

They had a story in this week's paper about Foreign Secretary David Miliband visiting the school along with Margaret Hodge to speak to sixth form students about the London Elections. Their online edition is a bit of a puff piece:
When Mr Miliband had finished taking questions from the students, Mrs Hodge reminded them of the importance of casting their vote during the election tomorrow. She said: "This is a wonderful multicultural school.

"The BNP create division within this borough so it is crucial that people turn out to vote to prevent them from gaining a hold on London."
However, the print edition reports:
As the discussion neared its conclusion, Mr Miliband asked how many of the students would be voting for Ken Livingstone by a show of hands.

He looked disappointed as only two or three students raised theirs, and one shouted out: "You haven't sold him to us yet!"
Yeah, I agree with 'The Who' - the kids are alright...


Anonymous said...

So wise, so young! That boy or girl should go far.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the one who "shouted out: "You haven't sold him to us yet!"", is what I meant and, yes, I'll take a hundred lines!

Anonymous said...

...and stand in the corner!

Or, is that against 'Human Rights' now...?