Friday 23 May 2008

Teaching Is A 'Professional Vocation', Right...?

Strange. Seems their standards aren't that high. A teacher in Kent has been struck off for asking children with special needs which of them was most likely to be raped.

Pretty bad, you'd think...? Well, she's certainly no 'Mrs Chips':
Forster had previously been suspended from teaching for six months after selling cigarettes to students at Meopham School in Wrotham Road.
With the current health Nazi regime in place, I'm surprised she wasn't sacked for that!
GTC committee chairman Tony Neal said: "We had no doubt whatsoever the gravity of her conduct required a prohibition order.

"She has expressed no remorse for her actions and demonstrated no insight."
Sounds like the perfect modern teacher to me! Still, there's always a career in politics...

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DJ said...

C'mon, you have to admire the style here: knocking out fags on sports day.

That's gold that is!