Friday 9 May 2008

Because He Was Shooting At People, That’s Why..!

The father of the barrister shot by police demands answers , according to the media this morning:
Barrister Mark Saunders' father wants to know why the police shot his son five times
Dunno, Mr Saunders! Perhaps they’d all played a bit too much ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ that morning…?

Mr Saunders’s father has demanded answers over why his son was shot, and insisted that he had not put anyone in danger.
Except for the volley of shotgun blasts into the street, into his neighbour’s flats, at the police….
He said: “Put it this way. He didn’t endanger anyone at all to my knowledge and we can only surmise what might have happened before the whole thing started. I just don’t know. You would imagine that it will come out in the fullness of time. We will want answers as to why police shot him.”
I really don’t think we need to wait for ‘the fullness of time’, do you...?

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