Thursday 15 May 2008

“Truth is the thread-killer. Truth is the little-death that brings total obliteration….”

Yesterday, ‘CiF’ decided to give Claudia Webbe a platform to claim that the rampant knife crime on the streets of the UK was the fault of…well, everbody and everything except the knife-wielding thugs themselves.

Sadly, she began by mentioning (as if they were the same) the cases of 16 year old Jimmy Mizen, murdered while minding his own business on a shopping trip, and the twice-bailed-on-rape-and- stabbing-charges thug Stephen Bigby, whose lifestyle appears to have caught up with him on Oxford Street.

She was duly monstered by all in the comments for this, and other fallacies in her ‘argument’, as well as her profile, which indicates that she would view any success in combating street thuggery as a loss of a meal ticket. This forced the ‘CiF’ editor to swoop to her rescue with a plausible excuse:
Comment No. 1348767
May 14 18:25
This thread will shortly be closing for the night.
Checking it out this morning, however:
Comments have now been closed on this entry.
Oh, well. I really must time these threads one day, and see who sets the record for ‘Quickest Thread to Close at CiF in 2008’….


Claudia Webbe said...

Hi, the CiF thread is actually open

DJ said...

Phew! From the bit you posted, I thought a Guardianista had managed to write any article about social dysfunction without blaming you know who.

For a moment there, I thought I'd slipped into some alternate universe.

Anonymous said...

"Hi, the CiF thread is actually open."

It is now, yes. At *checks watch* 13:42.

Boy, 'night' sure lasts a long, loooooong time over in 'CiF' land...