Wednesday 14 May 2008

More Trouble Ahead for Gordon…

The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights has rejected the extension of the pre-charge detention limit to 42 days, calling it ‘wholly unnecessary':
The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights has proposed a series of reforms which it says are a viable alternative to increasing the current 28-day limit.

They include ending the ban on granting bail in terror cases, and allowing post-charge questioning of suspects.
The JCHR seems to have realised what the public learned
long ago – why have a committee make recommendations if you aren’t prepared to accept them?
The JCHR says the government has largely ignored the proposals it has put forward in a previous report.

Chair Andrew Dismore MP said: "We are astonished - and extremely disappointed - that the government have failed even to consider our proposed alternative, in the meagre four paragraphs of official response we have received so far."
I wouldn’t be so ‘astonished’, Mr Dismore…

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