Thursday 1 May 2008

'Psychological and Psychiatric Assessment' Is Required, All Right...

...on the Sheriff!

Why is banning this woman from keeping animals for the rest of her life only 'a possibility'..?

"Police were called to Smiley's ground floor flat on 1 October, 2007, after concerned neighbours reported a foul stench coming from the property.

They found the badly-emaciated dog had been shut in a room with string and wool tied around the door to keep it from escaping.

The floor was covered in faeces and it had lain dead for up to 10 days.

A veterinary examination later revealed that the animal had not been fed or given water.

As it wasted away, in a desperate bid to get some moisture, it had been licking condensation from the window.

The post mortem showed it had no body fat, and no traces of food in its stomach or intestines. "

Doesn't look like she missed many meals herself....

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