Friday 2 May 2008

Funniest Clip of the Decade

Richard Littlejohn takes Polly Toynbee to the woodshed over her hypocritical stance on 'global warming'.

"You started it, pet!"

Ouch! Truth hurts, eh, Polly..?

Update: Polly had a post up at 'CiF' at about 12:30ish, entitled 'The fight of Labour's life?'. Sadly, she got such a drubbing, that first the moderators came out in force (deleting gloating references to the Littlejohn video), and now they've closed it to spare her blushes!

Sadly, the 'CiF' codemonkeys still haven't come up with a better line when they do this than 'Our policy is to close threads after a maximum of three days. Comments have now been closed on this entry', despite the thread staying open for a maximum of three hours, rather than days...

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