Monday 12 May 2008

Leave It Alan, He Isn't Worth It....!

Is this the best the Brownites can do? Wheeling out Alan Johnson to refute the claims of Frank Field, Prescott and Blair’s wife that Brown is, frankly, not up to the job?
"They are just all coming out of the woodwork now. Just stop it and let's get on with talking about the things that people really care about and the things that Gordon Brown is focused on."
What ‘things’ would that be then…? Uncontrolled immigration? Rising street crime? The credit crunch? The interminable NHS funding problems?

Not quite:
Mr Brown is unveiling a round of eye-catching schemes, including one to reform social care for Britain's ageing population, in a bid to turn his fortunes around.
In other words, more tinkering with the apparatus of tax credits to carefully dole out people's own money back to them via an army of state employees....

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