Tuesday 13 May 2008

Joined Up Government….?

Just four months after Gordon Brown promised a "zero tolerance" approach to knife crime, some people have other ideas :

Magistrates have been told that the "starting point" for sentencing many offenders caught with knives should be a community order.

Some may be let off with a fine and even carrying a knife in school may not result in a custodial sentence.
I shall be watching this site carefully for views...


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I've book-marked you.

Anonymous said...

See here , at last ,some sense

Have just found you , keep up the good work , bookmarked of course.

Anonymous said...

Cheers both!

"Lord Uist said he was appalled at the decision, and suggested the public would agree with him that it had been a mistake....How anyone can take the view that attempted murder is worth five years or less, in any circumstances, I find difficult to believe.""

The public certainly would! More judges like Lord Uist please...