Thursday 22 May 2008

Will It Cause Global Warming As Well...?

According to Julie Spence, Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, we are in for 'ethnic violence' caused by....wait for it....the credit crunch:
Speaking at the Police Federation conference in Bournemouth on Wednesday, Mrs Spence said: "We do wonder what is going to happen as the credit crunch starts to bite. We have already seen [claims that] 'people are taking our jobs'.

"What does the future hold? We have to be very alive and alert to that as police officers if we want to live in cohesive communities."
Hmm, a little controversial. But there's more:
The police chief claimed that "poor" Government figures on migrant numbers could not be trusted.

Ministers had underestimated the number of Eastern Europeans in the UK by up to two thirds, she said, adding that her own research suggested there were as many as 1.4 million living in Britain.

According to official statistics published this week, 845,000 Eastern European migrants have applied for the Worker Registration Scheme.

Mrs Spence told delegates at the Bournemouth conference that reports that some migrants were returning home were wrong. She gave a series of examples of new problems faced by her officers as a result of the growing migrant population.
Ouch! No promotion for you, Julie...


Anonymous said...

Julia, Spence may be correct on immigration and the credit crunch! Mind you, our local Polish plumbers are heading back home. They tell me they were converting their Pounds Stirling into seven Zloty back in 2004. Yesterday they were only getting four and a bit.

Spence should worry about the feral kids that are home grown from dysfunctional - NuLabour brand - parents.

She should thank her god that the benefit system has been a great alternative for those too lazy to go burgling and thieving anymore and the affect on her budget.

Anonymous said...

First it's Sir Paul Scott-Lee of the West Midlands Police bigging up Moslem coppers, then it's our Julie fronting for the feminists in blue. Little chance with this lot that we'll return to the disinterested application of the law by the police.

As to Julie and the "credit crunch", such remarks are the equivalent of getting your retaliation in first. In other words she and the rest of her tribe have lost control and she's desperately looking to shift blame: for these purposes the woes of the US real estate market are perfect.

Anonymous said...

"...Spence should worry about the feral kids that are home grown from dysfunctional - NuLabour brand - parents."

She should indeed. But until someone really gets to grips with the benefits culture, I can't help thinking they are going to swell in numbers, rather than dwindle.

<>"...the equivalent of getting your retaliation in first."<>

Yup. There's a growing sense of having 'lost the plot' arising from a lot of the police bloggers. Small wonder the Home Office (when it existed) was so keen to crack down on them!

Anonymous said...

I think this might be worth a letter to the Times headed 'First sighting of a sensible Copper':

Anonymous said...

That is pretty impressive:

"Chief constable Bernard Hogan-Howe feels zero-tolerance policing can work in any inner city so long as officers enforce the law "reasonably and without prejudice"."

Someone should tell the West Midlands and City of London Police... :D