Friday 2 May 2008

Is It 'Cos I Is A Woman...?

On the 'CiF' thread mentioned below in the update to the last post, the 'CifEditor' drops by to try to save a little face:

"Technical problems with the site mean that we are having difficulties moderating threads adequately. As some of you seem to reserve a special, in fact frankly misogynist bile for Polly Toynbee and persistently flouting our Talk Policy with abusive, off-topic and ad hominem comments, we are temporarily obliged to close this thread. It will re-open once we are able to provide full and effective moderation to the thread. In the meantime, perhaps the pause might permit certain people to reflect whether they would address a male columnist with such venomous disrespect."

Ha ha ha ha ha! They completely discount the possibility that any of those comments come from women...

Oh, a very bad day for 'Guardian' workers. ;)

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