Wednesday 14 May 2008

NUT – Good Name Choice….

A NUT representative has thrown his toys out of the pram again over the issue of ‘support’ for the Armed Forces:
A school in Leicester is at the centre of a controversy after accepting sports equipment from the Army. The tennis team at Lancaster Boys' School, which reached the national finals this year, was given new kits and racquets.

But a teachers' unions felt the donation was just a ploy to boost recruitment for the armed forces. Peter Flack, from the National Union of Teachers, said: "They have access to facilities that schools don't have, which are paid for by the taxpayer, which they are then exploiting to get themselves a privileged track into schools. We don't think that's reasonable, we don't think that's fair."
‘We’ (being the people who are taxed to the hilt to pay your wages and public sector pension) would far rather you shut up and stuck to ensuring that the children leaving your schools could read and write, frankly…
The school's head teacher Paul Craven said there were no deals with the Army. "What this is about is the boys who have expressed an interest in the armed forces being given an opportunity to speak directly with representatives from the organisation," he said. The Army will also be providing a climbing tower for the school's sports day later this term.
Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that want a cushy feather-bedded job pumping out left-wing agitprop, get a NUT post…

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Anonymous said...

One thought did strike me when the original fuss erupted about the NUT and the Army. The NUT's position was that the Army literature did not make clear that if you joined, you might be given a gun and expected to kill people. You might even be put in danger yourself.

Err, ... the UK is involved in two wars at the moment. Both are regularly reported on by our media. If a 16-year old doesn't realise that soldiers sometimes have to fight, surely a reasonable dollop of the blame for this lies at the feet of the teachers who have so woefully failed to educate him or her....??