Monday 5 May 2008

Today's Addition to Ever Growing List of Human Rights

Remember the last one?

Well, here's today's 'Human Right You'd Never Dreamed Of'. It's the 'Right not to have an autopsy performed on your murdered daughter - even though you requested it'.
However, a second post-mortem examination, urged by her mother, showed she had been raped and killed after taking ecstasy, cocaine and LSD.

Her body was brought back to the UK for a third post-mortem, which revealed some of her organs were missing.

Mrs MacKeown said: "As far as I am concerned it is against human rights to violate a child's body like that and not inform the parent.

"They've agreed to give me the organs back, they've never had to do it before so they don't know what the procedure is."
Not against medical ethics, or against autopsy guidelines. Against human rights!

And, how exactly did she think an autopsy was going to be performed without the removal of organs? Doesn't she watch 'CSI' at all...?


Old BE said...

I am a big fan of the idea of human rights, but I can't stand the way that Human Rights have been "enacted" in this country and that it is now a catch-all criticism of anything anyone doesn't like.

Ross said...

Here's a new human right from Ecuador:

Anonymous said...

"Opposition assembly member, Leonardo Viteri, accused her of trying to decree orgasm by law.

Another called the proposal "ridiculous" and said that such an intimate topic should stay intimate and not be enshrined in law."

Ow! That might make Ecuador's version of 'Court TV' quite an entertaining watch....