Sunday 4 May 2008

Cognitive Dissonance In The UK

A teenager stabbed to death in south London was a "good guy" who wanted to be a lawyer.

Said his mum...? No, not quite - try his 'youth worker':
Mr Seshmi directs the Peckham-based From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation, which helps boys excluded from mainstream education.

Lyle joined the programme after he was thrown out of Peckham Academy.

Mr Seshmi said Lyle "had his contradictions, he had his troubles, but he was a good guy".

"He realised he had made mistakes," he said.
So far so good....
Mr Seshmi said Lyle mixed with "unsavoury guys" out of school, but he did not believe he was a gang member.

"But he had his enemies - he was on the streets and street life is a tough life. Some people didn't like his independent manner," he said.
Ah. Not such a reformed character as Mr Seshmi would have us think, then?

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