Thursday 1 May 2008

What's my Password Again, Dearie..?

I wonder if they've really thought this out....?

"Microsoft UK is developing a "senior PC", which will have a simple interface and be aimed at older users.

The PC will come with software that allows users to manage prescriptions as well as simplified tools for everyday use, such as managing photos."

Elderly = on medication & constantly leafing through pictures of the grandkids. Yes, that's not patronising at all...

"The machine, which it is developing in partnership with charities Age Concern and Help the Aged, is one of several projects the firm is working on."

Apparently, this came about at a 'Digital Inclusion conference' in London.

"In the UK alone, some 17 million citizens are described as "digitally excluded""

More 'initiatives' for government to spend your taxes on...

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