Thursday 22 May 2008

"Igor! Bring Me The Brain..!"

While the police are getting stuck in to Labour's performance on mass immigration, one of the UK's top judges rouses himself from somnolence, blinking sleepily, and reaches a conclusion anyone else fixed in the real world reached long, long ago:
Knife crime has escalated to “epidemic proportions” and has to be “confronted and stopped”, said Sir Igor Judge, the President of the High Court Queen’s Bench Division.
Yeah, thanks for that blinding flash of wisdom, your Honour. However, I'm not sure we can draw the same conclusions from this as the 'Telegraph':
The judge’s stern remarks, mirroring public concern over rising knife crime on the nation’s streets, are likely to result in stronger sentences being passed in cases of knife-related crime in the future.
No, I don't think so somehow. After all, just days ago the 'Telegraph' took a somewhat different view. I can't see Sir Igor's wise words having that much of an effect...

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