Wednesday 28 May 2008

Not A Good Judge Of Character Then....

Mr Godwin will be eating takeaways for a few months, I think, if he's sensible:
A former hospital cook who baked a fruitcake laced with rat poison for her husband has been given a 12-month suspended prison sentence.
The judge was apparantly swayed by the history of marital abuse claimed by the wife's defence solicitor:
Judge Jamie Tabor said he was being lenient as Yvonne Godwin had been in an abusive relationship.

"In my judgment (this) meant you weren't seeing things straight at all.

"You've been a mother to several children. You've worked hard in several places of employment. You are not a criminal in any shape or form."
Well, except for the whole poisoning attempt, your Honour...


Anonymous said...

Good to know you're now setting yourself up as being smarter and wiser than a judge.

So powerful to have a stronger grasp of sentencing matters than a legal expert. But then maybe you really have ?

My inclination, however, is to point out that authorship of this rubbish has quite gone to your head.



Anonymous said...

'Setting myself up as being smarter and wiser than a judge'..?

Well, depending on the judge, that's damning with faint praise, Total Twat!

But yes, this one certainly does seem to have swallowed the Kool Aid with regard to 'domestic abuse'. Did it ever cross his mind to wonder why, if the abuse was so awful, she didn't simply request a divorce instead of reaching for the rat poison...?

Enquiring minds - not required to sit behind the bench.

"My inclination, however, is to...."

..act like a Total Twat (again).

Oh, and you seem to have developed a stutter this morning, 'TT....TT' ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate loony liberals and modern society too. Things were so much better in my day!

Anonymous said...

Mr Godwin will be eating takeaways for a few months, I think, ...

Or he could learn to cook?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think I would if I were him...! :)

Old BE said...

I saw this news item and thought to myself "why didn't she leave him?"