Thursday 1 May 2008

It's the Wrong Shorts, Gromit!

Got staffing problems...? the police!

"Mr Fitzmaurice (CWU branch secretary for Northamptonshire) said: "He just can't believe what happened.

"What would normally happen is management would contact the union.

"I'm confident had they done that it's something we would have smoothed over in two minutes or less.

"They sent him home without pay and then called the police to escort him off the premises.""

The police statement is pretty noncommittal, but they can't be pleased at having to act as 'responsible adult' in a minor work dispute.

"A Royal Mail spokesman said: "We are now resolving this issue internally, while, of course, doing all we can to continue delivering the mail with our people wearing a uniform that we're very proud of and that our customers expect to see when we call at their address.""

Because if the shorts aren't right, civilisation crumbles...

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