Friday 23 May 2008

You Don't Have To Be Mad To Work Here....But It Helps!

Very odd details emerging from the Exeter restaurant bombing (not a sentence I ever thought I'd type...):
Mr Reilly had a history of mental illness and had been "preyed upon" by "radical" Muslims in the area, police officers said.
The police have decided to release a picture as they seem baffled too:
Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville last night launched a plea for information on Mr Reilly's movements and took the unusual step of releasing a picture to assist the investigation.

He said: "Our investigation so far indicates Reilly, who has a history of mental illnesss had adopted the Islamic faith".

"We believe despite his weak and vulnerable illness he was preyed upon, radicalised, and taken advantage of."
If true, this is made even more wicked by the revelation from a friend:
“He is a very lonely guy and that is because of his mental illness. He has a big lurcher dog called Gypsy who he adores."
I guess his new 'friends' never read him all the Koran...


Anonymous said...

Poor guy - If the reports are anything to go by, he's certainly a victim here. Nevertheless - and this is not a criticism of those born into Islam - nobody should be surprised by Mr Reilly's behaviour since it's arguable that the very fact of freely "adopting the Islamic faith" is a classic symptom of mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see that the police statement was so forthright about the wickedness of using a mentally ill man this way - it seems there's a certain amount of sympathy for his predicament there, which is heartening.

No doubt the West Midlands force would have issued a rather different statement had it happened there!

Anonymous said...

"No doubt the West Midlands force would have issued a rather different statement had it happened there!"

Probably an intention to prosecute notice (issued by the CPS and countersigned by ACC Patani) re the breaking of some community cohesion law would even now be winging its way to the management of "Giraffe".