Friday 30 May 2008

Chutzpah...? I Haz It...

It appears that social workers have discovered the world of blogging, which gives us a chance to see exactly how they view their jobs. Not that that's a good thing, as it seems to give them one more outlet to whine about how unfair it all is, like grown up Kevins.

Mithran Samuel takes a dim view of the behaviour of the MSM in the Khyra Ishaq case. Well, not all the MSM - the 'Guardian' and 'Independant' get off scot-free, though they had similar reports. No, it's that old favourite, the 'Daily Mail' and its readers than get the wrath of Samuel:
This much we know: that Khyra died at hospital over the weekend and the cause of death is as yet unknown; and that two people have appeared in court charged with neglect. They are named as Angela Gordon, 33, and Junaid Abuhamza, 29, and are believed to be Khyra's mother and step-father.

Beyond this point begins the speculation in today's press: that she died of starvation (unproven, ahead of the postmortem); that Khyra and her siblings were taken out of school several weeks ago and then received a visit from "an educational social worker" and that no follow-up visits took place.
You don't think it's a little rich whining about other people's speculation and jumping the gun after Orkney, Cleveland and Rochdale, do you, Mithran..?


DJ said...

When I read that first line, I thought you'd been name checked like FR.

Until then, I just take it as further proof that if liberals were banned from using the words 'Daily' and 'Mail' together, they'd lose half their arguments.

Anonymous said...

"When I read that first line, I thought you'd been name checked like FR."

Yeah, I found this new site when I was looking back at some old bookmarks I'd made, and I bookmarked that site at the time and forgot all about it.

Doesn't get a lot of traffic, does it? Poor old John Hemming might wait a long while for an answer to his comment...

Anonymous said...

What you gonna do about it then ?

Oh yes, I know, trawl the papers tomorrow for another story and then, my goodness, "take a view"

Well preditory init ?


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Total Twat!

Well, I intend to make my vote count. What do you plan to do, in between visits to the Job Centre? Trawl more blogs making pointless comments and display even more of your ignorance..?

PS: 'init' is usually spelt 'innit'. Not really down wif da kidz, are you...?

Anonymous said...

I remember that blog you link to for promising a smear job on one Fran Lyon who had the temerity to resist the SS' desire to snatch her baby over no good reason (she was deemed 'capable of emotional abuse').

As she had apparently allowed the Daily Mail to view 'confidential' reports in order to create a more detailed story about her situation, the SS blog thought, 'right, the gloves are coming off, crush this bitch', and posted an article purporting to tell the 'real' truth about Ms. Lyon.

Real classy.