Saturday 17 May 2008

Surely Some Mistake...?

The family of a senior BBC executive who committed suicide after she was "demonised" by management and branded a failure, have said they would consider taking legal action against the corporation.
"Kevin Burden, the head of training at the trust, told the inquest that he witnessed Mrs Boto being "marginalised and demonised by the management". "The director of the world service said to me she was a failure and there was no place for failures at the BBC," said Mr Burden."
Funny. Seems to me to be plenty of room...

Of course, the lawyers are circling hungrily. The attitude of the husband shows a new brand of cheek:
"Mrs Boto's husband Tom said the family would consider the possibility of taking legal action against the BBC.

"The question will always remain – even if the BBC did everything correct in terms of procedure, is there something more that they could have done?" he said."
I suspect he wouldn't like to see that particular tack tried against, say, gynaecologists...


Anonymous said...

I was "demonised" and "branded a failure" by my drill sergeant in Aldershot. Well, of course, those weren't his exact words but, delivered approximatey 2.5" from my left ear that is more or less what they amounted to.

I think I shall consider legal action!

Anonymous said...

Better not suggest Army-style 'staff reporting' for the BBC staff - there won't be many of them left...!