Tuesday 27 May 2008

Chickens Come Home To Roost For Gordon...

The useless MSM is finally getting around to analysing the Budget changes to vehicle tax, with a report in the morning's edition that shows that one in seven will be affected by the new rates:
Many of those who will be most heavily penalised by the rises are people on low incomes, who could have to pay up to an extra £245 a year to tax the family car.
That'll be popular!
There has been growing anger among Labour MPs, who warned Gordon Brown that road tax could become "the next 10p tax" crisis.
And we aren't exactly finished with that crisis yet!

Labour backbenchers are flexing their muscles, afraid of losing their cozy sinecures at the next election:
Mr Darling has been forced to agree to a meeting next week with Labour MPs who are threatening a revolt over the road tax increases.

They plan to argue that the new rates should not be imposed retrospectively on vehicles bought before 2001, when drivers could not have been expected to know of the Government's plans to raise taxes as part of its environmental measures.
Except, of course, it has nothing to do with 'green issues', and everything to do with raising as much tax to fund Labour's other initiatives as they think they can get away with....


Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid then, that next time around, anything should stand in the way of Julia eating turtle soup from gold spoons

Anonymous said...

Turtle soup...? Yuck!

Now, foie gras, and you might have something! I'd not bother with gold spoons, personally - so very 'fashion challenged rap star', don't you think..?