Saturday 19 May 2012

Ahhhh, Never Mind The Violence, Just Feel The Cultural Enrichment!

Koc, who lived with his parents ever since coming to Britain in 1993, would spend his days watching television, listening to music and spending his benefit money in the betting shop.
Well, I know it's a small price to pay, isn't it, to be able to get a doner after midnight when the pubs close?
In December 2010 his benefits had been stopped and between attacks he would abuse, often racially, DWP staff.
I suspect, should one of the benefit staff have snapped and abused him back in similar fashion, his feet wouldn't have touched the ground. It'd be one of the few things that would get you sacked from a civil service position.

Yet he bore a relatively charmed life:
Koc, has a long history of past convictions dating back to 2000 and had been to prison five times before.
Never, it seems, for long enough.
In a searing victim impact statement read to the court which reduced one juror to tears, John Needell said: “I’ve seen the individual in the dock not adding to society but taking money, support and other people’s lives and happiness.
“With a disdain for others, his selfish nature was so completely opposite to my father I wonder if he could ever be part of the same species as the rest of humanity.
“Frankly I pity him for what is obviously such a bleak and pointless existence. He is a weak individual who offers nothing positive to anyone, even himself.”
The only thing that would complete this picture of just how low modern Britain has sunk is if some ghastly pressure group now started a campaign to get Mr Needell prosecuted for racial hatred.

Well, would you be surprised?


Captain Haddock said...

"Well, would you be surprised? " ..

Sadly, No ..

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until they let Turkey into the EU...can you?

Captain Haddock said...

Remember Gallipoli !

andy said...

What really scares me about Turkey being admitted to the EU are the borders it shares with Syria,Iraq and Iran,how well policed are they?
If militant islam wants to flood Europe with its jihadists that would serve them nicely.

Tatty said...

Koc. Says it all.

JuliaM said...

"Can't wait until they let Turkey into the EU...can you?"

Well, indeed! Andy's prediction is a chilling one.

"Koc. Says it all."