Thursday 31 May 2012

Quote Of The Month

From 'The Defence Brief' on the inability of the justice system to follow through on its threats:
What happened to the threat of immediate imprisonment unless he explained himself? I do think that defendants and toddlers have some similarities in that if a judge or a parent threatens a consequence if their orders are not obeyed then they should be ready to go through with their threat or risk losing the power of their threat. If defendants know that they can openly disobey court orders with impunity then why would anybody bother complying?
Talk about 'from the horse's mouth'!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ju. Yes, I am afraid I have to agree with you. The system is broken. @frogcave (Pete)

Captain Haddock said...

Most of us, I'm sure, are familiar with the law of unintended consequences ..

Britain however, now proudly leads the world in the law of no consequences ..

David Gillies said...

The 'justice' system is very much like one of those delinquent parents you see in the supermarket or on Trisha or whathaveyou. It's not so much that it's incapable of enforcing its judgements, more that to do so is 'difficult' and probably rather boring and therefore not attempted or, if attempted, given up half-way through as being too much bother.

Anonymous said...

The way that this shambles of a justice system (an oxymoron if ever there was one) conducts itself has led to a complete disregard of any threats by the villainous or morally destitute. They know that if any Judge or Magistrate actually carries out the threat, then some human rights brief will set to work (usually on legal aid), free their client who will then sue the backside off the 'establishment' for abuse of human rights in that they weren't able to watch the latest episode of Eastenders or some such contemporary example of life in this country. And who can we blame for this? Almost every senior politician since Ted Heath who introduced us to the pleasures of the Common Market and who have gone cap in subservient hand to this parasitical, non-elected, group of has-beens and morons, year after year.

Anonymous said...

anon @20.08

tell us what you really mean - stop beating about the bush!


Bloody Google sign in bollox is driving me even more insane - sodding process!

JuliaM said...

"The system is broken."

I fear irreparably.

"The 'justice' system is very much like one of those delinquent parents you see in the supermarket or on Trisha or whathaveyou."

Spot on! And just like the end results of those families-in-name-only, it means misery for everyone around them.

"Bloody Google sign in bollox is driving me even more insane - sodding process!"

Do you mean the Turing word generator?

Mr Ecks said...

It is an underclass/crime thing. TPTB don't care about crime or what the inderclass does oe doesn't do. They can't make them obey and they can't extract money from them so the courts are empty ceremony--not even security theatre.

However try being a solid citizen and not paying your council tax. You will soon discover the state's threats are from empty in that case. This country is (as the Freedomain Radio guy puts it) a tax farm and if any pf the assets get uppitty and tell them to stuff their thieving, then those assets will be crushed by any means needed. Think about it--if the victims tell an extortionist to piss off and make it stick, that's the end of the extortion and all the other victims will see it can be done and will stand up also. The empire will fall. No more nice easy living for the ruling class. So p[lease don't mistake the state's indifference to the underclass as general weakness. If any of us defy them they will act. That doesn't mean they can't be beaten but please be aware of the real score.