Wednesday 2 May 2012

Great! Now To Deal With The Owner….

Magistrates granted police the power to put down Rocko, saying the dog had attacked a family and frightened residents by roaming the streets and the grounds of a school unsupervised.
The court ruled the dog was a pit bull and by its nature dangerous – and there were no conditions under which it could be safely kept by owner Craig Randle.
But that’s not quite the end of it. Despite all the legal wrangling so far, there’s still got to be a chance for an appeal.

No doubt with legal aid.
The police will take the dog to a vet to be put down after 21 days, providing there is no appeal.
Mr Randle, of Newcastle Gardens, Whitleigh, opposed the application for destruction but attended court late. Magistrates examined the evidence in his absence, but the 28-year-old was in court to hear the bench grant the order.
Did it clash with his signing on day?
He added other dogs living at the address had also roamed the streets causing residents 'fear and distress'. Randle must also pay £400 towards costs.
Ban him and his entire household from owning dogs.

And you just know whose pocket that money is really coming out of, should it ever indeed be paid to the court, don’t you?


Dr Roger Mugford said...

Why oh why hasn't the defence called me to waste a few thousand more taxpayer pounds to consult on this further evidence of doggy genocide? I'm freeeeee - well time-wise I mean.

JuliaM said...

I bet he's studying the proposals for the new DDA with £ signs in his eyes!