Tuesday 1 May 2012

Maybe That's Not What He Was Looking For..?

The 37-year-old carpenter said: "I can't stay here. He has come into my space – it's just wrong.
"The sad thing is all he had to do was ask for work and I would have given it to him. Instead he has broken into my house."
Mitigation should be awesome!
Defending, Sabha MacManus said Soth had moved out of his parents' home to be independent but his job did not work out.
She said he was ashamed to go home and ask for help. He had also exhausted his welcome at friends' houses.
She added that Soth had been accepted by the Prince's Trust on a course to learn skills for work.
Well, he's proved pretty good at house clearance, so there's one skill he doesn't need to learn...


James Higham said...

We're breeding a nice type these days.

JuliaM said...

Aren't we just... :(