Saturday 12 May 2012

“We Must Protect The Chiiillldreeeennn From The Demon Drink!”

“Oh….wait. Not if it means we might have to hold a Protected Identity Group to the same standards as everyone else!”
A gay bar where a 14-year-old girl was served alcohol has kept its licence. And Fierce nightclub, in Goodson Street, Hanley, was also spared the cost of having to increase its CCTV coverage and extend the hours of its door staff.
Really? And…why?
Licensee Craig Kirk told members of Stoke-on-Trent City Council's licensing sub-committee meeting that such conditions could lead to the venue shutting.
Ummmm, yes. Those are called ‘consequences’. Why should this venue escape them? It’s not like this was a ‘well, anyone could make a mistake’ case – the girl was 14!
The bar, which opened in November 2010 following a £20,000 makeover, was the only nightspot out of 23 to fail a police 'test purchase' operation on March 3. A 14-year-old volunteer sent into the club was sold two bottles of the alcopop WKD by a member of staff.
The only nightclub out of 23..!
Police requested conditions were imposed on the venue's licence following the incident.
But not ones that were too stringent. Can’t be seen to be impartial, clearly.
Licensee Craig Kirk said: "We have operated since 2010 with no issues. "It is a gay bar and are (sic) customers are mainly older members of the gay community.
"It is only a small venue with a capacity of about 100 and you can see all around from the bar without the need for a CCTV screen.
"We don't open until 8pm and nobody really gets here until 10pm and door staff can cost £12.50 an hour. We don't need them from 7pm.
"The extra cost would probably see us close. The place only really pays for itself as it is."
It’d be no loss, then?
In future, the bar must keep a record of staff training on under-age sales. A refusals book must also be used. The bar will also join the Stoke-on-Trent Crime Initiative Night Partnership.
Shouldn’t they have been doing this already?


A salt and battered said...

“And We Must Not Forget To Protect The Ciiiiivilian From The Beelzebub Custody Sergeant And His Satanic Plods!”

Two members of Durham Constabulary staff who painfully tortured a prisoner to make him answer their questions, have been fined for their crimes by magistrates.

Sacked?...well, no. For reasons beyond my comprehension, the two Demon plods were transferred to a police location not yet equipped with CCTV.

Roger Thornhill said...

I am glad this has happened, as it shows the arbitrariness of the legislation mocking itself.

All the encumberances on what is in fact private property.

It is NOT a public space or a public service.

Wow - I was able to comment for the first time!

Captain Haddock said...

Err sorry Melvin, but WTF does your ramble have to do with a Licensee who failed to comply with legislation which Licensees of 22 other venues managed to obey without difficulty ?

He's only bitching because he, quite rightly, got found out ..

Woodsy42 said...

So CCTV is a condition of having a licence?

Anonymous said...

It's probably just me but I find the plea of poverty a little difficult to understand when they've just opened their third venue in Hanley

and as for the customers being older members of the gay community

Which leads to three questions

1. Why was the new club given a licence if this club sold drinks to an under age girl?

2. Why are you allowed to have gay clubs and women only taxis and pubs when you must let homosexuals share a bed in your guest house if they want to?

3. What is it about the water supply in Hanley to cause the requirement for at least three gay/drag clubs there?

Captain Haddock said...

Woodsy42 said ...

"So CCTV is a condition of having a licence? " ...

Good question Woodsy and one to which I didn't know the answer either .. a quick "Google" revealed this, which explains the requirements etc ..

Anonymous said...

Oh, look what the owners say about another of their venues

"Project opened in early March but we have had a few problems with the licence."

Captain Haddock said...

To be honest, I really can't see the relevance of whether this is/was a Gay club or not ..

The rules on serving alcohol to minors applies across the board, irrespective of the age, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation of either the Licensee or patrons of the establishment (including restaurants) ..

Break the law, get caught, take the consequences .. its hardly rocket science ..

jaded said...

Getting obsessed Melvin.I'm sure if you ask nicely Julia will do a post on that incident and you can vent your spleen.
"Painfully tortured" is a quite hilarious way of describing it though.
Where's you mate CR -the rapist's friend-been lately? He's been very quiet.Perhaps he's been lifted for his comments on his disgraceful blog.We can but hope.

Ian B said...

Or, we could have the police out catching burglars instead of entrapping businesses like this.

I have ever sympathy for the bar, and nothing but hatred for a State that does this kind of secret policing. I'm every day more ashamed to live in this goose stepping panopticon rat-hole that once-great Britain has become.

And Julia, 14 can look like 18 if your Plod have recruited an early developer with a bit of slap on. I think it's a safe bet that the teen Stasi aren't chosen for a juvenile appearance.

Anonymous said...

O/T slightly;

"Stoke" is rhyming slang for a particular orientation of a person.

Anonymous said...

So; is this about the serving of alcohol to a minor, or that alcohol was served to a minor by a gay club ?
Personally, if I was working there, I'd have been a bit suspicious of a GIRL walking in to buy a drink ?
I can imaging the "set-up-crew" discussion prior to entry:
"'ere y'ar luv, dis de place...take twenty to do the slapstick you look well under age, and take the school uniform off for this one 'cause they ain't gonna go for the schoolgirl look so we'll do them for underage drinking not sex"

JuliaM said...

"Wow - I was able to comment for the first time!"

Hopefully, not the last... ;)

"To be honest, I really can't see the relevance of whether this is/was a Gay club or not .."

Because it seems to be getting away with flouting the rules.

"Or, we could have the police out catching burglars instead of entrapping businesses like this."

Well, indeed! I believe you can buy mugs with that slogan... ;)