Thursday 10 May 2012

Well, You Can’t Say They Aren’t Assimilating Quicker And Quicker!

Kastytis Spadavicius came from Lithuania to London and arrived at Victoria coach station in the early hours of April 14, Bristol Crown Court was told.
He agreed to pay taxi driver Shahnawaz Razaq £250 for a ride to Bristol, but when he was driven to Bristol Temple Meads he failed to pay and produced a knife when challenged.
Great! Thanks, free movement within the EU!
Spadavicius was arrested and refused to talk unless he was given a cigarette. That didn't happen and he remained silent, the court heard.
Mitigation should be quite amusing…
Sam Jones, defending, said though his client had later told a probation officer he had stabbed and shot people before, he no longer accepted that.
Mr Jones said it was Spadavicius' case that he carried a blade for work in Lithuania, and he had not used it as a weapon or been convicted for having it.
‘When in Rome, Spadavicius…’
Judge Susan Evans QC remanded him in custody until May 14, to give the Crown Prosecution Service the time to clarify his convictions in Lithuania before sentence.
One to watch.


Captain Haddock said...

"Kastytis Spadavicius" ..

Sounds very painful & almost certainly highly contagious .. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm Spadavicius!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he was just looking for work. Bullying the meek or repeatedly Tasering Granny whilst she convulses on the ground. That much sought-after cowardly streak, harnessed to selective aggression should make him stand out as a potential plod recruit.

Anonymous said...

We are the EU. Lower your shields and surrender your cities. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.
Resistance is futile

F***W*T TW****R said...

Anonymous. Or indeed tasering an Alzheimers sufferer. (todays Mail et al).

F***W*T TW****R said...

Anonymous. Or indeed tasering an Alzheimers sufferer. (todays Mail et al).

JuliaM said...

Hmm, I'll be blogging on that 'Mail' story. The villains of the piece don't seem to have been the police, for once!

Anonymous said...

Kastytis Spadavicius - wasn't that an Ian Dury song?

Anonymous said...

"The villains of the piece don't seem to have been the police, for once!"

A mind closed to police villainy and vicious conduct need only view the compulsory element of stupidity in their actions with the blind eye, JuliaM.

A salt and battered said...

'Hmm, I'll be blogging on that 'Mail' story.' I pass on that jaundiced promise and 'excitement' with a comment in advance, J.

Those of us who expressed concerns at the proposed introduction of Taser, were assured at the outset of its non-lethal properties. We were assured of no long term ill-effects and we were assured that no citizen would be subjected to repeated taserings, whilst in pain and incapacitated on the ground. All these assurances were cynical lies and the instrument has established itself as the first choice weapon for torture and compliance.

jaded said...

Don't write anything supportive of the police Julia or Melvin will flounce off this blog.He will then come back the next day with a changed name.
"Those of us who expressed concerns"-I assume you were personally consulted before the police were issued with these weapons? Oh no you weren't,your opinion is irrelevant.
Please respond to my post with a hilarious barb (in Greek?) about my mangled English,it really makes your point and doesn't make you seem pompous at all.
PS What method would you have used to subdue a violent man?I'm all ears!

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the incident with the tasering of the Alzheimers patient was almost 3 months ago, yet the Dail Wail brought it out on the day the Police publicly protested in London over draconian changes in their terms of service. Coincidence. I don't think so. The officers were called at the resquest of a doctor and members of social services - whi immediately scarpered on Police arrival. Several Police officers were injured in trying to (peacefully) persuade the confused and frightened gentelman to go with them. It is very strange that no one from the medical profession or social services have added their views to this - possibly memories of Baby 'P' are still in their minds and they don't want to become involved (rule number 1 for sociual service staff, I understand). Willing to hear from anyone from the SS to refute this.

Anonymous said...

"I'm all ears!"
A distinct disadvantage in jobs where some room for a brain is a requirement, WPC Jaded.

blueknight said...

clarify his convictions in Lithuania... we have no idea who we have walking about here...

jaded said...

There's the hilarious answer I was expecting from MTG.I didn't expect an answer to any of my points,so i'm not disappointed.

Greencoat said...

Immigrants brawl in the streets while Englishmen are brutalised in their own homes.

Hurrah for the Jubilee!

JuliaM said...

"Sounds very painful & almost certainly highly contagious .. ;)"

And, as Ranter points out, very like a most un-PC Ian Dury hit!

"Those of us who expressed concerns at the proposed introduction of Taser, were assured at the outset of its non-lethal properties."

No, we weren't, actually. We were assured of its less-lethal properties. There's an important distinction that some are too dim to comprehend.

"Coincidence. I don't think so."

Well, it may just be that that's how long it took to get in the local papers, from whence the 'Mail' probably filched it...

Anonymous said...

"No, we weren't, actually. We were assured of its less-lethal properties."

You must do your homework and try to keep up with the rest of the class, JuliaM.

Please be advised of the following, JuliaM. Taser (that's the manufacturer, dear) made outrageous claims for the product at the initial sales launch. The selling was focussed upon an assurance the weapon was non-lethal. At that time, small Taser trials had resulted in zero deaths (which is quite different to zero risk of death). Following me so far, JuliaM? The company obtained its first major orders by using this deception and it was not long before police chiefs were lauding the weapon as non-lethal. Senior police enjoined the deception, although some undoubtedly became aware of very obvious risks to a proportion of the population and kept quiet about that for reasons best known to themselves. The spreading awareness did nothing to silence the highly unscrupulous marketing strategy. Taser, by fair means or foul, convinced many police chiefs, on both sides of the Atlantic, it had their perfect weapon. Taser made considerable inroads into the police market BEFORE the inevitable deaths began to climb to a very significant degree. The company then changed course and taking lessons from the Tobacco Industry, used 'experts' to blame the deaths on other causes. As the evidence mounted, Taser was forced to concede the present less-lethal status. This is where you woke up yesterday, JuliaM.

Take a hundred lines:

'I must not post on technical and medical topics without conducting proper research and consultation.'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 07:18

You lost all credibility by dragging the Tobacco industry into your argument.

Take a thousand lines

" I must not spout off about the Tobacco industry without conducting proper research and consultation"

Fair Play Predator said...

Announcement from Taser (Octover 2009)

After many lawsuits resulting from cardiac deaths and injuries, and after many denials of any cause and effect in the use of Tasers causing cardiac events and even death, Taser has made changes in its usage manual.

The company has advised police and other users of the Taser not to strike a Taser target in the chest area with the 50,000 volt weapon.

In a striking departure from the previous company position of denial of any link between Taser use and subsequent cardiac arrest, the company now says that there is a "low probability" of adverse cardiac reaction to a person being Tasered.

With product liability in mind, the lawyers for Taser apparently have advised the company to issue a warning to avoid shooting the chest area to help prevent fatal injury and future lawsuits against the company and persons using the Taser device.