Tuesday 8 May 2012

With Friends Like These…

A man carried out an axe attack on one of his friends
Blimey! What does he do to his enemies..!?
Lincoln Crown Court was told Joseph Sabey produced the weapon during a drinking session with his mates at his home in Butterwick and threatened he would use it on anyone who was laid on his bed when he returned from finishing a cigarette.
Aha! Clearly, it’s the fault of the demon drink.
Prosecutor Sam Skinner said: "The others thought he was joking
They don’t now!
… but the defendant returned armed with an axe and struck the complainant twice.
"The first blow to his back was with the blunt end of the axe and caused no injury.
"The second blow opened him up a bit like a side of pork and caused a four inch long, deep but clean cut."
Police were called to the house and Sabey was arrested. He admitted using the weapon but said he had not intended to cause any serious harm.
Not the first time, maybe. But what about the second?
Sabey, 21, of Main Road, Butterwick, admitted unlawful wounding on October 16. He was given a 12 month jail sentence suspended for two years with 150 hours of unpaid work and a 16 week night time curfew.
Sabey was also ordered not to approach or contact the victim for 12 months.
Judge Michael Heath told him: "This was an act of extreme stupidity but the wound was easily treated and there are no lasting consequences for the victim.
"This was not a deliberate causing of injury but was reckless in the extreme."
And what was the mitigation?
Mitigating, David Eager said Sabey was of previous good character and has since shown remorse.
He added: "He has since removed himself from that group of friends and removed himself from the culture of binge drinking.
"He stays at home with his mother and has been living a quiet life.
"He has been devastated at what he has done. This was one of his best friends."
Yup, like I figured. It’s all the demon drink’s fault.


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

It's amazing how the "turning his life around" mitigation seems to convince these learned Judges isn't it?

So the next time he's up before the beak I suppose he (or his brief) can apply the same philosophy as the Courts obviously accept that it's a valid, even though open ended, excuse.

Looking at my own local area, we appear to have a large population who are currently "turning their lives around" - maybe some of them achieve it but I remain to be convinced

Tatty said...

"but the wound was easily treated

I see moves to only jail murderers... and no one else ever... progress as planned.

Anonymous said...

I grow up in a quiet place, so when a man of about 20 years old hit someone with an axe, every one was talking about it. Now it was back in the 1960's but I think this bloke got 10 years.
John Gibson

JuliaM said...

"...maybe some of them achieve it but I remain to be convinced."

Oh, he'll crop up again.

"I see moves to only jail murderers... and no one else ever... progress as planned."


"... but I think this bloke got 10 years."

He wouldn't even get that for murder now!

And, of course, back then, you knew what someone was sentenced to was how long they wee going to serve.