Sunday 27 May 2012

Maybe Just A Rumour, Maybe Not…

A Chafford Hundred pub was the scene of a mass brawl involving 100 people.
The Grays Harvester, which sits on the junction of the North Stifford Arterial Road and Clockhouse Lane, had a window smashed as a large fight took place outside it on Friday night.
Lovely! Well, it is Grays…
An eyewitness, who lives opposite the pub and restaurant, told the Gazette there was a huge crowd of people.
Well, should be easy to provide descriptions, then?
“It’s very unusual to see that sort of thing around here. I’ve never seen anything like it before.
“There is a rumour that gipsies were involved, but I think that’s just a silly rumour.”
Really? Well, it would indeed be quite uncharacteristic for them, wouldn’t it?
Police were called to the pub at 10.15pm after reports of a disturbance.
On arrival, they were forced to call for back-up due to the number of people involved.
The crowd were eventually dispersed, however, and neighbourhood officers patrolled the area for some time after the incident to ensure trouble did not flare up again.
No arrests were made and there were no reports of any injuries.
‘No arrests were made’..?

Hmmm, maybe those rumours are spot on, then…


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX A Chafford Hundred pub was the scene of a mass brawl involving 100 people. XX

Not any different to Scoty Road,Liverpool, or similar in a thousand other towns, on a normal Saturday night then.

When Scoty Road still HAD pubs, that is.

JuliaM said...

The eyewitness says it's unusual, so maybe they is one small part of Grays that's not a hellhole...

andy said...

I used to live in Grays and I can confirm it is a miserable shithole full of chavs where normal folk dont go out after dark if they can avoid it,the pedestrian precinct by the station was a fucking war zone on a Saturday night,I finally left after I got stabbed 6 times by some local scrotes when I was coming home from work one night,frankly i was dammed lucky to survive it.
But the worst thing?As I was lying on the pavement

andy said...

Bleeding like stuck pig in the worst pain you can imagine,one of the gang,a girl in a very distinctive white coat(that`s why I remembered her)kept walking by,obviously scouting for the gang.
I pointed this out to the cop that was next to me and he did....nothing,just let her go,made no attempt to apprehend or even talk to her.