Saturday 19 May 2012

"Let Me Off Baby, One More Time!"

Question: When does 'one last chance' not mean 'one last chance'..?

Answer: When you're up before Judge Carol Hagen:
A career criminal with more than 100 offences has again walked free from court, despite getting a 'last chance' from the same judge two years ago.
And yes, if that name seems familiar, you're right. She's featured on this blog before.

And if she continues in this vein, she almost certainly will again:
She told Spaulding: ‘You present me with a real problem Sundee Spaulding. You commit offence after offence and always there is some excuse on your part.
‘The question for me is do I send you to prison or not. I am persuaded that it is in the interests of justice that I do not activate that suspended sentence.
‘It seems to me to offer the best chance at this point in time to dissuade you from committing further criminal offences.
‘I’m giving you a final chance. If any of these conditions I impose are breached you are going to prison for 12 months.
‘This is a real opportunity.’
Yes, you read that right - the best chance to prevent her committing further crimes is to not punish her for this one.



 One's a useless waste of state funding and oxygen, the other's the defendant.


Captain Haddock said...

Q: What do Judge Carol Hagen and Sundee Spaulding have in common ? ...

A: Both have a long history of re-offending ..

A salt and battered said...

I must be ancient to recall a time when detention was mandatory for a first time offence of chewing gum in class.

Jiks said...

"The mother-of-one, 25, already has 33 convictions for more than 100 theft-related and dishonesty crimes."

History of dishonesty but somehow Judge Numpty always believes her.


Woman on a Raft said...


blueknight said...

The mother-of-one, 25, already has 33 convictions for more than 100 theft-related and dishonesty crimes."

Even if she had only received a couple of months per conviction it would have taken a few years off her criminal career.
Locking her up would also be crime prevention

Ed P said...

Are they related?

James K said...

The pussy pass yet again. "Sundee" should go to jail, her child should be taken into care for its own good, and this wretched excuse for a judge should get 100 years for treason, abuse of public office, and crimes against humanity.

Woman on a Raft said...

Make the judge take Sundee in to her own home and look after her.

JuliaM said...


Quite! I rather doubt Judge Hagen has to live amongst such people, do you? Maybe it's time she did.

Anonymous said...

Judges are paid a lot of money in order to follow the liberal agenda of reducing the prison population.

If the police are up for privatisation then why not Judges? I am prepared to let criminals off for £40,000 a year, saving the country a fortune

David Gillies said...

Aaaand we return to the familiar trope: that the actions of both parties in the farce that is the modern British 'justice' system have absolutely no bearing on the consequences they suffer. Slappee Spudulike gets off Scot free, and the lackwit judge gets to pocket an exorbitant salary enabling her to sit pretty in a nice low crime area.

JuliaM said...

And we can see the inevitable consequence of that policy, coming up in two posts today.